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Energy Services

  • Energy Planning

Assess context, review goals, set priorities, plan action.

  • Energy Sourcing

Procure/Curtail what you need at the best available price.

  • Energy Efficiency

Modernize to improve the bottom line.

  • Energy Risk Management

Protect yourself from price volatility.

  • Energy Sustainability

Favor green options when it makes sense.

  • Energy Incentives

Maximize income opportunities like demand response.

  • Energy Monitoring

Manage data to drive decisions and inform Planning.

E = (P x Q – I)
(Total Energy Cost = Price times Quantity minus Incentives)

In conjunction with this essential framework, SAVANT supplies the full range of services customers need to make this equation work for them, tools and approaches that can lower energy prices (P), curb consumption (Q) and/or increase incentive program payments (I). Together these services work in tandem to help our clients proactively manage energy to reduce their overall spend, advance business goals and, ultimately, move beyond fighting their energy battles to winning the war.

Putting this all together for your company in an easy-to-understand way that accurately accounts for the contributions of, and interplay among, various energy cost drivers is the inspiration behind the Seven Levers and the growing, innovative energy management product portfolio we are developing to manage them.

Savant Energy Services In More Detail

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