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Apartment Balconies

Multi-Family/Apartment Energy

At Savant Energy Services we help develop creative concepts, implementation strategies, and customer acquisition platforms which are focused on energy for builders, property managers, and leasing agents.

We offer the CAA (common area), CSA (vacant unit) and EMA (energy marketing) agreements. Our EMA program creates a revenue stream for property management companies/owners. In addition, we also have an on-line MMAP portal specifically designed for property management companies, regional managers, property managers and leasing agents.

There are lots of challenges when it comes to managing a multifamily community. 

CAA (Common Areas)

Are any commercial meters that are continuously active in the property’s name. Examples include the Leasing Office, Pool, Laundry Facilities, Parking Lot Lights. These units are always billed in the property’s name. 

Multi-Faily Pool
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CSA (Continuous Service Agreement)

Allows you to continue services, without the loss of power, after the respective tenant vacates the premise and successfully completes a move-out. The property will be billed for all units in their name.

  • No service initiation fee

  • Seamless transition with only a reading from the utility company required

  • Notification emails are sent automatically

None-CSA Units

Are turned off when a tenant vacates the premise and successfully completes a move-out. 

Moving Boxes
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