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Business Energy

Find a Plan That Fits Your Business


Affordable solutions to power your business and help you reach your power cost goals.

Our Team Can Help You Earn Thousands in Bill Credits

We tailor our offerings to the specific market where your business operates. We know that each customer has unique priorities and needs, so our experts are here to analyze those challenges and guide you to business energy solutions that can help you save money, enhance energy efficiency or both. Whatever your energy needs, we’ll take care of them with industry-leading experts, technologies, and start-to-finish support.

Responsive Economic Dispatch

Our demand response program is tailor-made for the Texas ERCOT market and helps you earn thousands in energy bill credits.

4CP Alerts


Our expertise helps your business scale back on electricity usage during peak demand and realize cost savings in the long run.

Commercial energy plans


Our customized energy solutions not only provide savings, but also dependability and simplicity.

Distributed energy solutions


Our embrace of a more holistic look at energy leads to more possibilities through multi-faceted and customized distributed energy solutions.

Energy Advisory Services


Enhancing your company’s energy approach is something our team can deliver in unique ways suited to your challenges and goals.

O&M & Repair Services


Our Energy Services team brings 20+ years of experience in helping others achieve substantial improvements and efficiencies in their operations.

Business Energy Brokers


We can help you grow your business in a rapidly changing and highly competitive energy market.

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