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Backup Generation

Providing backup power generation so you still have energy when the grid goes out. We're trying set a new standard for residential power generation

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Savant Residential Generators

Protect your dwelling and loved ones during cold winter storms and power outages with a Savant Power Generator. We provide essential circuit energy protection ensuring the necessities remain on and running throughout a power outage.

Credit Available​

Mobile Operated

Durable Enclosure

User Friendly

24kW Power

Never Get Caught Off Guard

The largest air-cooled generator on the market - Savants 24kW is a big deal in a small package.

  1. Home Energy Management (mobile phone app).

  2. Wi-Fi Connectivity FREE with every Generator.

  3. Utility Grade Power with clean, smooth operation for sensitive electronics and appliances.

  4. Purpose-built, pressure lubricated engine. Reliable and requiring less routine maintenance.

  5. Significantly quieter and uses less fuel.

  6. Tough, durable all-aluminum Enclosure.

  7. User-friendly  controls.

  8. 200 Amp automatic transfer switch.


Life Without Power

We forget how much we rely on power until it's not there.

  • Refrigeration/freezer for food and medications.

  • AC/Heat.

  • Lights.

  • Water softeners/treatment systems.

  • Kitchen appliance.

  • Security systems.

  • Garage doors.

  • Charging of phones and computers.

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