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Commercial Real Estate Energy Use:
The Stats are Staggering!


A whopping 35% of all electricity use comes from commercial real estate, and more often than not, energy is the single largest operating expense for property owners. Even more outrageous is the fact that, on average, 30% of this energy is wasted.At PSF Energy, our mission is to significantly decrease the energy consumption and increase your bottom line.One of the most important reasons commercial real estate companies should be concerned with energy is that it is a key cost driver for operations. Reducing energy use, whether it’s through investments in more efficient equipment, or simple scheduling adjustments, directly impacts your building’s NOI.


Reducing Commercial Energy Use​


A great deal of energy is wasted solely on energy being used after business hours. For example, if everyone leaves the office at 6pm, there’s no reason to leave lights on and air conditioning running until 9pm.By analyzing real-time data, commercial building owners can easily identify when energy is being used outside of operating hours, how much it can be reduced, and what the savings will be.

Every facility in your portfolio has its own set of energy inefficiencies, each racking up operational costs you shouldn't be paying. Savant Energy Services resolves these inefficiencies, driving down your per square foot operations and assets.

Energy inefficiencies end up costing you double when they drive down ENERGY STAR or GRESB scores, prevent you from obtaining LEED certification, or make your fund less attractive to investors.


Resolving those inefficiencies requires good energy management, which has a reputation for being time-intensive and requiring big capital expense outlays. You need an approach that saves your team time and helps unlock NET OPERATING INCOME (NOI) by reducing operating costs without compromising tenant comfort.

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